Tomás da Anunciação

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The Calf, 1873, now at the Chiado Museum in Lisbon.

Tomás José da Anunciação, (1821–1879) was a Portuguese painter.


He was born at Ajuda near Lisbon and learned his art in the academy of that city. Afterwards he travelled through Spain and France. Principally an animal painter, he was considered the best artist in that branch of art in the Iberian Peninsula; but he occasionally executed genre pictures. He was Director of the Academy of Fine Arts at Lisbon, where he died in 1879. The following are some of his most noteworthy works: Lisbon. Galeria Nacional. View of Amora, Two Women at a Fountain, View of the Penhade Franca, Oxen treading out Corn at Ribatejo, After pasture — View on the Tagus, and The Shepherd's Rest (1852).

View of Penha de França, 1857, now at the Chiado Museum.

In 1884, the Prémio Anunciação award was established in his honor. It was presented until 1983.