Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

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"Fast and the Furry" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Fast and Furry-ous or The Fast and the Furious (disambiguation).
Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry
Tom and Jerry The Fast and the Furry cover.jpg
Directed by Bill Kopp
Produced by Stephen Fossatti
Screenplay by Bill Kopp
Story by Joseph Barbera
Based on Tom and Jerry by
William Hanna
& Joseph Barbera
Starring John DiMaggio
Rob Paulsen
Dan Castellaneta
Billy West
Jess Harnell
Charles Adler
Stephen Root
Jeff Bennett
Tom Kenny
Tress MacNeille
Charlie Schlatter
Neil Ross
Thom Pinto
Grant Albrecht
Bill Kopp
Dee Bradley Baker
Music by Nathan Wang
Distributed by Kidtoon Films (Theatrical)
Warner Bros. Pictures (DVD and Blu-ray)
Release date
  • October 11, 2005 (2005-10-11)
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry is a 2005 animated action adventure comedy direct-to-video film starring Academy Award-winners, Tom and Jerry. The subtitle is a parody of the Universal film, The Fast and the Furious, and is the second production from Warner Bros. Animation to spoof the phrase (the first was Fast and Furry-ous, the Looney Tunes short, released in 1949, that introduced Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner to the public). It was the same characters in the 1950's Tom and Jerry shorts.

It was released theatrically in selected cities of the United States by Kidtoon Films in September 2005 and again in June 2006. The film was released on DVD on October 11, 2005,[1] and on Blu-ray on April 5, 2011.[2] It follows the plotline of the 1968 series Wacky Races and featured an animated caricature of Hanna-Barbera co-founder and Tom and Jerry co-creator Joseph Barbera as the pharaoh-like President of Hollywood, voiced by Billy West. Even though this is a children's film, a lot of people end up dying in the film like the TV producer and many of the racers, excluding Tom, Jerry, and Gorthan, Destroyer of Light (who floated away on an iceberg thanks to Biff and Buzz).


After being kicked out of their old house for causing major damage, the lovable Tom and Jerry enter a race to win a mission.

The race is initially from California to Mexico, but due to public ratings of the event, the finish line is continually pushed further away, going to places such as the amazon, Antarctica, Australia, and across the world until they arrive back in California.

The Beginning[edit]

Mammy Two-Shoes was our shopping, and Spike (Jerry's Bodyguard) was sleeping. Tom chased Jerry, but Jerry drove a moused size car and flattened Tom's feet. After that, Tom gets his own toy car, but both cars were destroyed. Tom gets a model airplane and puts Jerry in board and pulled up and planned to fly Jerry outer space. Unfortunately, the model​ plane crashed into across and it woke Spike. Then, Spike destroyed the remote for the plane. Jerry had some clothes on the model airplane, then he used it as a parachute. He dropped into the fireplace and they burnt down the house. Mammy Two Shoes comes in and evicts Tom, Jerry, and Spike. Tom and Jerry heard the ad saying that if "You are the winner of the Fabulous Super Race, you can have a mansion.

The Race[edit]

Tom and Jerry have wrecked their old house they lived in during a frantic Tom-Jerry-esque chase, for causing major damage, so they enter a race/reality show titled the "Fabulous Super Race", which offers the race-winner a luxurious mansion. Tom and Jerry, having built their own customized vehicles from scrap materials in a junk yard, present themselves to J.W., producer and head of Globwobbler Studios, and his assistant Irving, who are hosting the race. Race commentators are Biff Buzzard and Buzz Blister (not to be confused with Buzz Lightyear), whom they last met in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars. The two then meet the contestants: Steed, Grammy, Gorthan, Soccer Mom, and Dr. Professor. Dr. Professor is eliminated before the race when he and his vehicle are vaporized by antimatter used to power the vehicle.

The racers begin the race in Hollywood, California, where Grammy takes an early lead, but is overtaken by Steed late in the leg. The race was initially going to be from Hollywood to Mexico, but due to public ratings of the event, J.W. decides to extend the race to the Amazonian jungle. During the leg, Tom switches a sign, causing contestant Mallory Soccer Mom to drive her car into a pit of quicksand. Steed, still in the lead, crosses an old bridge but leaves a hole in the middle, causing problems for Grammy and Gorthan. Tom crosses the bridge easily, then attempts to destroy the bridge in the hope of eliminating Jerry, but it backfires and causes Tom to fall into the water. Steed once again wins, with Grammy following in second, but J.W. wants to continue the race due to the high ratings. When the studio head changes the race again, the hosts, Biff and Buzz, announce that the next leg of the race is set in Antarctica, and the remaining drivers will have to modify their cars for ocean travel.

On the way to the South Pole, Steed's car breaks down in the water, as a lightning bolt hits an umbrella in his car, and he encounters what he thinks is a mermaid on an island who, in turn, proceeds to feed him to her ravenous offspring. The first contestant to reach the destination grounds is Gorthan, who is then eliminated when, after being goaded into touching his tongue to a metal pole by the hosts, he causes himself and his car to float away on an iceberg. Before the start of the next leg of the race, Tom, Jerry and Grammy arrive on the scene. As the remaining racers modify their cars, Grammy is apparently eliminated when she and her dog Squirty are swallowed by a whale thanks to Tom's machinations. During the Antarctic leg, Tom and Jerry race each other across Antarctica. Tom is frozen into an ice block and slides all around Antarctica, which nearly causes his elimination when his car reaches the finish line before he does. Meanwhile, in the production office, the J.W. is notified that the ratings of the race are up and need to be kept up. The hosts are then notified that the racers will have to modify their cars again to race underwater to Australia. Tom faces several problems, including his car being taken over by seals, his fish juice spray attracting sharks, which ends in his elimination when he crashes into a concrete block and his car is destroyed by an anchor.

Meanwhile, in the production office, the producer is notified that the ratings of the race are up and they need something to keep them up. The hosts are then notified that the racers will be modify their cars to stay underwater. Jerry then goes into the watering his modified car. Meanwhile, Tom's frozen body skids into his car and​ the force lands him into the water, where he defrosts. Meanwhile, he modifies his car and takes off. However, sharks try to eat him, but he is safe inside his glass air dome. Jerry then lends the shark a glass cutter, and they get into his car, supposes eliminating him. Tom, however, fights off the sharks, but crashes into a rock. In the production office, the producer decides to bring Tom back into the race, because his trucks kept the ratings up. The movie cuts to Jerry in Australia, the next leg. Also, Grammy is brought back when the whale spits her out into Australia. Tom is then brought back up, with the assistant of the producer flying to Australia to give him CPR. Tom then repairs his car and lasers Australia, cutting the continent into half, in an attempt to get into first place. However, he half Australia and was attacked by Punchy, a boxing kangaroo. Then, Jerry and Grammy survives.

The next leg of the race involves them modifying their cars with balloons for air travel to Borneo. After Tom pops Grammy's balloons with a whaling harpoon, Grammy and Squirty fall to their deaths bickering over what they assume was a parachute. After Tom's own balloons pop, he crashlands into a vacationing Spike who then tries to attack him but is knocked out by his own car, and then gives pursuit after Jerry and the finishing line. Meanwhile, in the production office, J.W. announces that the true final leg of the race is back to Hollywood, which will involve them travelling around the world back to the finishing point with high speed jets in only five minutes due to the race taking too long. Tom and Jerry are shocked at this latest last-minute change, but go ahead and race through several major locations in Asia, Europe, the Atlantic and the US, causing massive destruction to numerous monuments in their wake in many comical ways - shrinking Mount Everest, turning the Taj Mahal into a spinning top, playing Pinball on St Basil's Cathedral, straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa, turning the Eiffel Tower into a pretzel, turning Big Ben into a broken cuckoo clock, destroying the Great Wall of China, the Roman Coliseum, and Stonehenge, turning a castle into a trailer park, and stripping the Statue of Liberty, etc. At the finish line, Tom and Jerry's jet planes break down causing them to win the tie on the line.

Although they both win because of the tie, producer J.W. says according to the contract, since they tied, they have to do the race all over again. Tom and Jerry proceed to attack J.W. in retaliation, then seize the key to the mansion from him. J.W., angry and disoriented, decides that Hollywood stands for family entertainment, whereupon the pharaoh-like President of Hollywood appears to incinerate J.W. for his inappropriate change of heart, and makes Irving the new producer and head of Globwobbler Studios. Meanwhile, the producer's assistant becomes favored by the main boss and lets him enjoy Hollywood life. At the end, all is well, and Tom and Jerry share the mansion living in happiness--until the owner of the previous house shows up, but are then forced to give the mansion to Tom's owner to repay the destruction of the house at the beginning of the film. She spots Jerry and orders Tom to chase him, starting another chase between the two.

The End[edit]

The race was then a tie and Tom and Jerry became friends, but when Mammy Two Shoes came into the house and hit Tom, telling Tom to hit Jerry, the chase once again, continues.


  • During one of the scenes of the jet car race at one point, when Tom and Jerry go speeding towards the finish line by the man with the dog in Hollywood, you can carefully see a Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars movie poster of a film that aired earlier, also starring Tom and Jerry. This may be due because Blast Off to Mars was preceded by this movie when the duo came to L.A.
  • MacDoggle's car has a service named 'Gonestar", which is a parody of OnStar by GM. However, Mallory's car resembles a Ford and OnStar is fitted to GM Cars, though this could be implied that the manufacturer fitted the service to another car.
  • Other titles include a Japanese title; it is known as Tom and Jerry: Wild Speed.
  • This movie has a very high bodycount for a direct to video animated comedy: four racers are killed during the race and the Manager is vaporized by the President of Hollywood's staff.
  • During the end of the race, the Leaning Tower of Pisa gets straight again by Tom and Jerry.

Character Profiles[edit]

  • Tom- One of the main protgonists of the film. He entered the race to win another mission after his owner kicks him and Jerry out for destroying their old house.
  • Jerry- One of the main protgonists. Just like Tom, he entered the race to win the pressures of the mansion after their old house is destroyed because of their fighting with Tom.
  • Biff Buzzard- A commentator of the race and also appeared as an astronaut who will travel at Mars in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars!.
  • Buzz Blister- Another commentator of the race, and also appeared in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars!, as an astronaut who travels to Mars with Biff.
  • J.W. Globwobbler- The selfish CEO of Globwobbler Studios and the main antagonist of the film. Since the race is from Hollywood to Mexico, he changes it into: Hollywood-Mexico-South America-Antarctic-Australia-Borneo-Hollywood. He is killed by the President of Hollywood after he decides to make family entertainment by zapping him into dust.
  • Irving- Globwobbler's shy assistant who is told by Globwobbler to long the race. He then turns into a CEO of the studio after the President kills J.W.
  • Grammy- An elderly woman who wants to win a mansion with her dog, Squirty.
  • Gorthan, Destroyer of Light- A "destroyer of light" who has a greeting card and flowers shop in Niltor and also a competitor.
  • Mallory "Soccer Mom" MacDoggle- A caring mother who loves playing soccer and also a competitor in the race.
  • Steed Dirkly- A selfish playboy who wants to donate the mansion in charity.
  • Dr. Professor- A genius professor who enters the race with antigravity car. Biff triggers it's self-destruct button, thus, exploding his tent and himself. He is eliminated out before the race.

"Fabulous Super Race" contestants[edit]

This table tells the contestant characters, their cars, biography, finishing place, cause of elimination, and how long they lasted in the race.

Contestant Character Car(s) driven Description Finishing place Elimination (and/or Death) Race duration
Tom 1990s Orange Audi 8, Chevrolet Caprice, or Plymouth Acclaim(D2) lookalike (Hollywood-Borneo leg)
Orange Jet-Car (Borneo-Hollywood leg)

Orange Jet-Car (Left in shambles in L.A., due to an overheated engine, Jerry was given a similar car also)

He is a house cat, guarded with the task of getting rid of Jerry. 1st place (Tied with Jerry) Winner (Tom was brought back to the race after being survived and eliminated in the Antarctica-Australia leg) Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon-Antartica
Borneo-The World-Hollywood
Jerry Blue Mini Mach Five, Chevrolet Corvette C3, or BMW M3 GTR lookalike (Hollywood-Borneo leg)
Blue Jet-Car (Borneo-Hollywood leg)
He is a mouse who lives in Tom's house, who is always tired to get rid of by Tom and makes his day complete. (with a chase) 1st place (Tied with Tom) Winner (Jerry was the only contestant to never get eliminated) Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon-Antartica​-Borneo-The World-Hollywood
Grammy 1940s Pink Ford hotrod (Tom shot Grammy's hot air balloon in her flight to Borneo, causing Grammy and her pet Squirty to abandon the car. It fell to Borneo and smashed Grammy and Squirty. An elderly woman who entered the race with her dog Squirty to feel the adrenaline of a race and to win a mission. 2nd place Tom threw Squirty into a whale's mouth, causing Grammy to go after him and supposedly get eaten. The whale later spat her and her car out. She then returned to the race when the whale spat her out into the Australian leg. Later, during the Borneo lego of the race, Tom popped the balloons that kept her car in the air, causing them to fall. Grammy and Squirty then fought for a parachute, which turned out to be a lunch bag, and fell to the ground and were squished to death by their car. Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon-Antartica
(Eliminated)>br />Australia
(2nd Elimination, Died)
Gorthan, Destroyed of Light Converted 4 or 6-wheeled motorbike (resembles a Ducati 999R, shipped alongside Gorthan in the Antarctic) He is the "Destroyer of Light" from the pits of Niltor who also owns a greeting card and flower shop. 3rd place When the commentators, Buzz and Biff questioned Gorthan on the old "Your Tongue Will Stick to a Frozen Metal Pole" trick, Gorthan thought it was a lie and Buzz and Biff dared Gorthan to do it on the South Pole. His tongue got stuck and the ice on Gorthan's side was cracking. Buzz and Biff were safe while Gorthan and his car wandered aimlessly in the Antarctic, but not before literally cursing Biff and Buzz. He was the only loser who did not die or have a hinted death. Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon-Antartica<br)>(Eliminated)
Steed Dirkly 1980s Light Blue Convertible Coupe Mazda RX-7 FC3S (resembles a 1987-1992 Camaro Iroc-Z The car has t-tops and the hood louvers, indicating that is a Z28 or Iroc-Z]) He is a self-obsessed playboy who wants to donate the mansion to a "charity" (himself). 4th place A lightning bolt struck an umbrella in Steed's car, causing it to sink. After his car sank, Steed spotted a mermaid and fell in love, but the mermaid turned out to be a mer-monster and fed Steed to her young offspring. Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon-Antartica​
Mallory "Soccer Mom" Macdoggle Red Minivan (resembles a 1993 Ford Aerostar, the van sank in a Quicksand pit) She is a caring mother who enjoys playing soccer (hence the nickname "Soccer Mom") 5th place Tom switched a sign in the Amazon and that led Soccer Mom into a Quicksand Pit out, she called the assistance of extermination company Gonestar, but the computer took too long and​ the Soccer Mom escaped before she was swallowed by the quicksand (a goner). She helped Jerry to the right way and gave him an Orange. She is then thought to have been eaten by insects while she was walking in the jungle, but this is unknown. Hollywood-Mexico-Amazon
(Possibly Died)
Dr. Professor Anti-Matter-powered car (This car uses more powerful and explosive substance known to man, the engine exploded because of Biff.) He has developed many inventions that have changed the world and more. Not Classified, but Disqualified, Dead, and Disappeared (7th place) A switch in the Anti-Matter engine was triggered by Biff and it was a Self-Destruction switch. Dr. Professor tried to save it, but he, his car, and his pit tent flashed and there was nothing left for him. Did Not Start
(Died, Eliminated before the race)


This was the third Tom and Jerry film to be in widescreen (the first two being Tom and Jerry: The Movie, due to its thertical release back in 1993, and Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars) and the second to be filmed in the high-definition format (the first being Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars), although the Region 1 DVD was in [[full screen (cinema)|full screen (cropping the left and right of the image), thought not pan and scan as the camera stays directly in the center of the image.

Like other television shows filmed in high-definition (such as American Idol, Father of the Pride, Curious George, and Out of Jimmy's Head) and other films filmed in high-definition (such as The Proud Family Movie, Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?, High School Musical, and The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers), the monitor the animation team would have worked from would have 16:9 and 4:3 safe areas so that the full screen version would not crop off too much of any important visual elements (such as characters). However, the film was released in widescreen on Blu-ray disc on Cartoon Network HD (as the HD channel starts appearing in the late 2007) on April 5, 2011.

Worldwide changes[edit]

During the last five minutes of the race, Tom and Jerry changed, affected, and destroyed parts of Earth, including the current New 7 Wonders of the World. This happened because they were not moving too fast. They burned the island of Borneo. They destoryed the Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. They cut Mt. Everest to a mere meter. They turned the St. Basil's Cathedral into a pinball machine and destroyed it. Tom cut Australia in half. They both made and straightened the Leaning Tower of Peiza to an upright and straight tower, moved the Earth's surface and closed up the Grand Canyon, and many other strange events. They turned the castle into a trailer park. They dismantled the Eiffel tower into a knot. Turned the Big Ben into a coo-coo clock and destoryed the Stonehenge. They flushed the Atlantic Ocean into a toilet, sinking a ship, resembling the |Titanic, and stripped the Statue of Liberty.


This movie sparked some controversy in that it was a childrens' film that features several deaths. There were a total of 11 deaths through the film. Grammy and Squirty were murdered after they were tricked by Tom. Two years later, Tom would be dropped of all pending murder changes in a national​ trial that entailed riots between animal supporters and the elderly. Dr. Professor was killed near the site of the start, and presumed dead on scene when paramedics arrived. Nobody has been formally charged with this incident. It was determined the cause of death was accidental, and due to a clear nuclear charge going off in Dr. Professor's engine creating a mini-explosion. Mallory Macdoggle has not been found, even after intense search efforts by Amazon officials. In 2005, 10 years after the Fast and Furry race, one person passed away in England, due to severe injuries. This was not shown directly in the movie, but was shown in the credits. Tommy Big Banks was one of several spectators struck by Jerry's blue jet-car. The remaining people who didn't survive were also bystanders across the world, and most likely struck by Tom and Jerry's insenseless driving as they were making their final five minute run back to Hollywood. All this information can be found on cartoondailynews.

This was referenced twice on the Blood Sisters episode "Always Outgunned, Never Outnumbered", once during a rant with Karin, and again at the ending, where she (along with Kurumi and Raine) sees the "all deaths version", and says "Did Death just screw with us?"

Devil Worship/Conspiracy symbolism[edit]

In the movie, where Tom and Jerry visit the producer to try and get in the show. While they are there, the boss is speaking to them, but then is interrupted by a flashing pyramid with an eye on top of it, like the one on the dollar. After that, they jump (the producer and his assistant) under the desk and come up wearing a "pyramid eye hat" then go to the center of the room. The shade goes down and the room dims red, then out of the center of the ceiling and the ground, a transporter comes out. They both get down on their knees with their face on the ground in a prayer stance and then a shadowy devil-like person appears. Tom and Jerry jump in fear behind the crouch, then the shadow finally turns into a pharaoh like boss character with two girls in back of him.

Also towards the end of the movie, the boss zaps and kills the producer of the show turning him into dust. Like a lot conspiracy theorists day about "the elite world controllers" when some on is not complaint with their motives.


The features are a Make Some Noise with a cartoon scene doing the very end of the cartoon. You meet 2 teenage foley artists. They make the sound for like when Tom hits a chair like BAM! Or when the grapes fall on the floor. For the chair, the foley artist clapped his hands once with this slimey, wet, old rag. The sound was also made by another sound of banging a leather suitcase with that clapping sound. The grapes sound made by thumping her fingers on the top of a can of spinach. There was also a Race to the Finish feature. There is even a feature to watch these Hanna-Barbera shorts (Translated into Mandarin, Tom and Jerry spoke. Jerry sounded like a girl, while Tom sounded like an adult man.) The following shorts were: Cat Napping, The Little Orphan, The Two Mouseketeers, Love That Pup, and Tom and Jerry at the Hollywood Bowl. You can buy the DVD in the city of Macau in China and Hong Kong.

Voice cast[edit]

Follow-up film[edit]

Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers was released on August 22, 2006.


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