Tom & Thomas

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Tom & Thomas
DVD cover
Directed by Esmé Lammers
Produced by Laurens Geels
Written by Esmé Lammers
Jim Davies
Starring Sean Bean
Inday Ba
Aaron Johnson
Ryan Nelson
Derek de Lint
Daan Van der Heyden
Music by Paul M. van Brugge
Cinematography Marc Felperlaan
Edited by Bert Rijkelijkhuizen
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • 24 January 2002 (2002-01-24)
Running time
110 minutes
Language English

Tom & Thomas (UK title: The Christmas Twins) is a 2002 English-language family film starring Aaron Johnson and Sean Bean. The film was directed by Esmé Lammers and was released on 24 January 2002 in the Netherlands.


Sean Bean stars as the caring single adoptive father of one of a set of identical twins — played by Aaron Johnson — separated years earlier. The film follows the two boys as they meet, and having come to the attention of a corrupt orphanage manager are instrumental in smashing a child smuggling ring. After the two boys meet they have fun until Thomas is kidnapped by the child smugglers. They keep him bound with belts in a warehouse and use drugs to keep him asleep. The smugglers plan to transport Thomas to another country in a plane by smuggling him off as an animal in a box where he is kept bound and gagged (with belts and tape). Tom learns of this however and comes to Thomas' rescue.


The movie was filmed on the following locations:
London Southbank (UK), scene were the two boys mock about throwing snowballs.
Notting Hill (UK), where Sean Bean and Aaron Johnson get in the car.
Haarlem (NL), is where the Thomas' school scenes were shot.
Amstelveen (NL), is where Tom and Thomas obtain their corduroy denim jacket with orange hooded sweaters.
Amsterdam RAI (NL), was turned into Heathrow departures.
Noordwijk (NL), was where the museum scenes were made.
Gent (B), that's where the orphanage scenes were shot.
Schiphol airport, where Transavia was so kind to allow the crew to use their hangar.


Tom & Thomas gained initial media interest through its illusive casting auditions. The auditions took place across the UK and the Netherlands, and resulted in a final casting session held in London, UK. The eventual winners were Tom and Alex Dawes, twins from the Midlands who are more generally known for their guest appearance in Nickelodeon's TV adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's Double Act. However, after being accepted for the roles, the pair were rejected in favour of Johnson as loss of funding cut the cast in half. After a brief conflict between the Dawes twins and Lammers, which resulted in the pair gaining UK rights to the title "Tom & Thomas", the matter was settled with an undisclosed settlement. The Dawes twins have not been involved in any acting since, and now both hold positions at Oxford university.

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