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Tom Chilton
Occupation Video game designer
Employer Blizzard Entertainment
Known for World of Warcraft

Tom "Kalgan" Chilton is a lead game designer for Blizzard Entertainment, and is currently the Game Director for the MMORPG World of Warcraft.[1] He has been referred to as "Blizzard's PvP guru."[2] Chilton, along with Rob Pardo and Jeffrey Kaplan, were the three Lead Designers for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade;[3] he was one of six Game Designers.[4]

Chilton was on the developer panels at BlizzCon 2005 in October 2005[5] and BlizzCon 2007 in August 2007.[6] At BlizzCon 2005, he was on the developer panels for discussions about character classes, dungeon creation, raids, and battlegrounds.[5] At BlizzCon 2007, he was on the developer panels for discussions about classes, PvP, user interface and mods, and professions and items.[6] He also appeared on panels during BlizzCon 2009, BlizzCon 2011, BlizzCon 2013, BlizzCon 2014, and BlizzCon 2015.

He previously worked for Origin Systems and was Lead Designer for Ultima Online: Age of Shadows.[7]

Chilton attended the University of Arizona, and is a fan of the webcomic PvP.[7]


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