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Tom Green (65 years old as of March 25 of 2016)[1] is an ultra-runner and the first man to complete the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. He earned this distinction when there were only four 100 mile trail races in the United States.[2]

He joined the Howard County Striders and is now in their hall of fame for his accomplishments. As a Strider, Tom has completed more than 175 ultramarathons.[3]

Green is known as "grandfather of ultrarunning", and the "original ultrarunner"[4]

He has run over 280 ultramarathons.[5]

He previously attended Concord University.[6]

Green is a carpenter by trade.[1]

In the Summer of 2014, Tom Green ran 100 miles in the Western States Endurance Run and finished in under 30 hours. He was 63 years old.[7]

On April 20 of 2015,[1] Green was trimming a branch from a tree and the branch fell and hit Green in the head 'like a baseball bat' Green was airlifted to a hospital and received multiple skull fractures and some inner ear damage. His carotid artery received some damage. Upon reaching the Shock Treament Center in Baltimore, Maryland, he was put into a medically induced coma for two weeks.[4]


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