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Tom Kempers (born June 1, 1969 in Bussum, Netherlands), is a former Dutch tennis player. Kempers won four doubles titles during his professional career. The right-hander reached his highest doubles ATP ranking on August 10, 1998, when he became the number 42 in the world, though he never won a singles title in his career. He participated ones at a Grand Slam in 1996. Here he entered Wimbledon as qualifier. Nowadays Kempers is playing for ALTV Quick, based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. He is sponsor relationship manager of the foundation spieren voor spieren that supports research on neuromuscular diseases.[1]

Doubles titles (4)[edit]

Outcome No. Date Tournament Surface Partner Opponents in the final Score in the final
Runner-up 1. 1990 Athens, Greece Clay Netherlands Richard Krajicek Spain Sergio Casal
Spain Javier Sánchez
6–4, 6–7, 3–6
Winner 1. 1991 Palermo, Italy Clay Netherlands Jacco Eltingh Spain Emilio Sánchez
Spain Javier Sánchez
3–6, 6–3, 6–3
Winner 2. 1994 Palermo, Italy Clay United States Jack Waite United Kingdom Neil Broad
United States Greg Van Emburgh
7–6, 6–4
Runner-up 2. 1995 Valencia, Spain Clay United States Jack Waite Spain Tomás Carbonell
Spain Francisco Roig
5–7, 3–6
Winner 3. 1998 Copenhagen, Denmark Carpet Netherlands Menno Oosting Netherlands Jan Siemerink
New Zealand Brett Steven
6–4, 7–6
Winner 4. 1998 Kitzbühel, Austria Clay Argentina Daniel Orsanic Australia Joshua Eagle
Australia Andrew Kratzmann
6–3, 6–4

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