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For other people called Thomas Mason, see Thomas Mason (disambiguation).
Tom Mason
Occupation Actor
Years active 1977–Present

Tom Mason is an American actor born in Brooklyn, New York. He began his television career in 1977, portraying Rex Stout's fictional detective Archie Goodwin in the ABC-TV movie Nero Wolfe. His subsequent TV credits include the series Grandpa Goes to Washington, Freebie and the Bean (1980), Our Family Honor (1985–1986), Jack and Mike (1986–1987), Party of Five (1994–2000), The Bedford Diaries (2006) and The Black Donnellys (2007). Mason's episodic credits include Law & Order, The Practice, 100 Centre Street and The Sopranos.

Mason also appeared in Apocalypse Now (1979), Men Don't Leave (1990), Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted (1992), Greedy (1994), Brooklyn Lobster (2005), Flags of Our Fathers (2006) and Night Falls Fast (2007). In the HBO television movie, Too Big to Fail (2011), Mason portrayed AIG chairman and CEO Bob Willumstad.[1]


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