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Tom Mauchahty-Ware (March 21, 1949 – November 3, 2015) was a Kiowa-Comanche musician. He was known for his work playing the Native American flute, and has been a successful Indian dancer, and has sung in a popular blues band. He was also a skilled traditional artist: painting, sculpting, making flutes, bead working, and feather working. He was a descendent of the famous Kiowa flutist, Belo Cozad, and made two commercial recordings, Flute Songs of the Kiowa and Comanche (1978) and The Traditional and Contemporary Indian Flute of Tom Mauchahty Ware (1983).[1]


  • Songkeepers (1999, 48 min.). Directed by Bob Hercules and Bob Jackson. Produced by Dan King. Lake Forest, Illinois: America's Flute Productions. Five distinguished traditional flute artists - Tom Mauchahty-Ware, Sonny Nevaquaya, R. Carlos Nakai, Hawk Littlejohn, Kevin Locke – talk about their instrument and their songs and the role of the flute and its music in their tribes.[2]


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