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Tom Raffield is an artist and designer maker who works with wood using the method of steam bending. He has created a furniture and lighting range by steam bending a variety of woods, chiefly temperate hardwoods including ash, oak and walnut.


Tom Raffield grew up in Exmoor, England - where the natural environment stimulated his imagination, and fed into his future designs.[1] Raffield’s fascination with the traditional practice of steam bending[2] began whilst studying at Falmouth College of Arts (now Falmouth University), where he discovered the traditional technique of using a chamber wouldn’t allow him to create the complex 3D bends he had envisaged. Years of research and experimentation allowed him to develop a new steaming method to turn his design visions into reality and create furniture designs such as the Chaise Longue, Arc Chair [3] and Loop Chair and Lights including the Pendant Number 1, Cage Light[4] and Butterfly Pendant which typically come in a choice of ash, oak or walnut.


Raffield was co-founder of the award-winning collective design company Sixixis,[5] recognised for unique aesthetic, forward-thinking designs and now, through his own company, Raffield continues to create modern, sculptural furniture and lighting.[6]


Winner of the Lighting Design Association’s Lighting Design Award 2011.[7]


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