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Tom Rolander
OccupationSoftware engineer, professor[2]
Known forMP/M, iFolder

Thomas Alan Rolander is an American entrepreneur, engineer, and developer of the multitasking multiuser operating system MP/M created for microcomputers in 1979 while working as the first employee[3] of Digital Research[4][5][6][1][7] with Gary Kildall,[1][8] the "father" of CP/M. CP/M and MP/M laid the groundwork to later Digital Research operating system families such as Concurrent CP/M, Concurrent DOS and Multiuser DOS. He also developed CP/NET.[5]

Digital Research Employee Badge, THOMAS ROLANDER, I.D. #1

In 2013 he was granted with a 2013 Diamond Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the University of Washington (UW).[9][1]

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