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Thomas John Sandars (born February 1976, St. Marylebone, London) is one of the main news readers and continuity announcers on the BBC's 5 Live, Radio 2 and BBC World Service radio stations.[1]


From 1989 to 1994, Sandars was educated at The Oratory School,[2] a Roman Catholic boarding independent school for boys in the village of Woodcote in Oxfordshire, followed by the University of Reading, where he studied Typography and Graphic Communication. In 1995 he was the Editor of the student union newspaper, Spark.


He started at Radio Shropshire in 1998, moving to BBC WM. He was a presenter on Midlands Today, and also their political reporter for The Midlands at Westminster.


He became a newsreader and presenter for Sky News.


He has read the news for Radio 2 since 2007, and is an arts correspondent. He also reads the news on BBC Radio 6 Music, and can be heard on Radio 4 political programmes. He was a newsreader/presenter for BBC Radio 5 live for ten years from 2003.


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