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Tom Sjogren (also spelled Sjögren) is a US explorer originally from Sweden who has completed the Three Poles Challenge - climbing Mount Everest (in 1999, after three previous attempts)[1][2] and leading unsupported expeditions to the North and South Poles.[3] He completed the Three Poles Challenge with his wife, Tina; they are the first married couple to achieve this and she is the first woman to do so.[4][5] They billed themselves at the time as "T & T". They also broke broadcasting records on two of their three expeditions: the world altitude broadcasting record on Everest and the first live audiovisual broadcast from the Antarctic ice cap (in November 2001). They reached the South Pole on February 2, 2002.[5] On their expedition to the North Pole, they also broadcast live, and broke the speed record with a time of 118 days, reaching the Pole on 29 May 2002.[6] At both poles, they raised an American flag a friend had found on the street in New York on September 11.[7]

Sjogren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on Nov 8, 1959. He married Tina Sjogren, a political refugee born in Prague, in 1983, and the couple emigrated to New York in 1996.[6] In Stockholm, they had a nationwide toilet paper delivery service, Easyshop.[4]

Sjogren co-founded and helps run the website[8][9][10][11]


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