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Tom Slick
Tom Slick in Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper.jpg
Tom Slick in the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper

Tom Slick is the cartoon star of a series of shorts that aired within the half-hour animated television series George of the Jungle (ABC, 1967). It was the work of Jay Ward Productions, the creators of Rocky & Bullwinkle and other satiric animated characters.[1] Seventeen six-minute episodes were made.

The premise[edit]

Freckled, grinning, all-American racecar driver Tom Slick (voiced by Bill Scott) competes in various races with his trusty vehicle, the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Marigold (voiced by June Foray) and his elderly mechanic Gertie Growler (also voiced by Bill Scott). The two women do not always get along well. A recurring antagonist is the evil Baron Otto Matic (voiced by Paul Frees), and the Baron's stupid lackey Clutcher (voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Frank Fontaine), whom the Baron has a penchant for hitting across the head with a monkey wrench.

A running gag throughout the series is that the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper can be converted into virtually any type of racing vehicle, often looking nothing like the original vehicle itself. Various episodes show the Grease-Slapper as a train, stock car racer, drag racer, racing balloon, swamp buggy, submarine, even a miniaturized skateboard.

As the theme song is sung, Tom's Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper suddenly "hops" out of control off a road and into a barnyard occupied by farm animals. Tom is knocked momentarily unconscious with a chicken sitting on top of his head as he drives straight into a brick wall. But he miraculously gets out of the sudden pandemonium as his car falls apart in mid-air and suddenly falls back together again. The car then jumps onto (and off) a stone fixture bearing Tom Slick's name and gets back on the road as Tom waves his hand and smiles.

The theme song's lyrics are as follows:

Tom Slick. Tom Slick.
Let me tell you why
he’s the best of all good guys.
Tom Slick. Tom Slick.
In the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper, once he’s on your tail,
he won’t quit
you know there’s no such word as "fail"
to Tom Slick.
Tom Slick.

Tom Slick in the comics[edit]

In comic books, Tom Slick appeared as a backup feature in Gold Key Comics's two-issue George of the Jungle title (1969).[2]


List of Tom Slick episode titles and dates[edit]

Title Air date
1 "The Bigg Race" 1967-09-09
2 "Monster Rally" 1967-09-16
3 "Send In a Sub" 1967-09-23
4 "Snow What" 1967-09-30
5 "The Great Balloon Race" 1967-10-07
6 "I Was Railroaded" 1967-10-14
7 "Dranko the Dragster" 1967-10-21
8 "The Cupp Cup Race" 1967-10-28
9 "Irish Cheapstakes" 1967-11-04
10 "Overstocked" 1967-11-11
11 "Double Cross Country Race" 1967-11-18
12 "The Apple-less Indian 500" 1967-11-25
13 "Sneaky Sheik" 1967-12-02
14 "Cheap Skate Board Derby" 1967-12-09
15 "The Badyear Blimp" 1967-12-16
16 "Swamp Buggy Race" 1967-12-23
17 "Mack Buster Trophy" 1967-12-30

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