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Animation studio
Industry Television
Founded 1993 (as Tom Snyder Productions)
1999 (as Soup2Nuts)
Founder Tom Snyder
Headquarters Watertown, Massachusetts, United States
Parent Scholastic Corporation

Soup2Nuts (formerly Tom Snyder Productions) is an American animation studio founded by Tom Snyder.[citation needed] The studio is known for its animated comedy series, its use of "Squigglevision", a technique of animation that reuses frames to make the animation look more kinetic, and for its style of improvisation in voice acting.[citation needed]

The company was started as part of Tom Snyder Productions, when it created and produced its first TV show, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist in 1995 for Comedy Central.[citation needed] Later, the company created and produced Home Movies for Adult Swim.[citation needed] Following their purchase by Scholastic Corporation in 2001, the animated digital production company was renamed Soup2Nuts, because of the company's involvement in the production of programs from beginning to end. A division of Soup2Nuts now produces shorts, book adaptations, commercials, and interactive online series.[citation needed]

Soup2Nuts began work on WordGirl in 2005, a super-hero comedy for PBS Kids. It has won numerous national awards including Best Direction for an Animated Children's Program and Outstanding Writing in Animation.[citation needed]

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