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Tom Steinberg, 2009

Tom Steinberg was the founder and director of mySociety, a British-based international NGO that develops civic tech tools including TheyWorkForYou, Alaveteli and FixMyStreet.[1][2][3] Steinberg worked in the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit from 2001 to 2003.[4]

Steinberg co-authored Open source methods and their future potential which argued that the principles of the open source model could have radical implications for governments, citizens and businesses.[5]

The Power of Information: An Independent Review by Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg was published in 2007.[6]

Steinberg is a member of the board of advisers for Code for America.[7]

In May 2010, it was announced that Steinberg would be part of the UK Government's new Transparency Board, which was to be established to promote "greater transparency across Government".[8][9] He resigned in the second quarter of 2012.[10]

Steinberg describes himself as 'a left-of-centre moderate'.[10] In November 2012, at the request of Tom Watson MP, he published the policy papers he had written for both Labour and Conservative MPs, Ministers and party staff.[10]

In March 2015, he announced his decision to stand down as the head of mySociety while, in his words, "we’ve got a good map, a solid car, and we’ve got enough money for fuel".[11]


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