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Tom 'Ted' Stonier (29 April 1927 in Hamburg; – 15 June 1999) was a biologist, philosopher, information theoretist, educator and pacifist. His scientific studies centered on information provide a plausible explanation to evolutionist concepts of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He drafts the principle of the transformation of a primordial energetic soup (big bang) towards a pure informational state (the Chardin's Omega point). He places the current material World in this entropic, dynamical evolution of the energy-matter-information equilibrium.

In 1975 Stonier was appointed to the foundation chair in science and society at Bradford University, England, where he specialised in the interaction of science, technology and society. In 1985 he co-founded, with Dave Catlin, Valiant Technology, a London-based company who designed LOGO Programming Language based Turtle robots the Valiant Turtle and the Roamer educational robot.


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