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The Tom Tom Racetrack 1968

Tom Tom (1965–1970) was a science-themed children's television series on the BBC, from BBC Bristol. Presented by Jeremy Carrad and John Earle with roving reporter Norman Tozer. It later featured three female presenters - Janet Kelly (July–December 1968), future BBC TV newsreader Jan Leeming (1970) and Michele Brown (later married Giles Brandreth).

Characters included Serendipity Dog, a robot dog that asked questions. One of the programme's specialities was features on Grand Prix racing, with viewers encouraged to follow the progress of the various teams via mail-order posters available from the programme.

The last ever episode in 1970 was set 50 years into the future i.e. 2020. The presenter was dressed in some kind of tinfoil jumpsuit and such innovations as wall-mounted flat panel televisions and mobile communicators were described. At some point, a then brand-new Jaguar E-Type was driven in and given as an example of a vintage car. The end of the episode and series featured the presenter getting into a glass cabinet and disappearing - perhaps a reference to Star Trek-style teleporters being available in 2020!

The producers of the series were John Duggan and Bob Murray (the show's director). Both left to join ITV in 1968. The designer was Chris Robilliard.

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