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Tom Victor Gausdal (born 1976, Nøtterøy) is a Norwegian chef, and silver medalist of the 2005 Bocuse d'Or.[1][2] The margin separating Gausdal from gold medal winner Serge Vieira was one point.[3][4] Gausdal had a period of apprenticeship at Statholdergaarden under Bent Stiansen and was from 1997 to 2008 a member of the Norwegian national chef team.[5] Intent since childhood on a culinary profession, Gaustad considered for a while on becoming a pastry chef.[6]

Among Gausdal's book publications are Husmannskost (2005) and several collaborations with chef/sommelier Ole Martin Alfsen, including Mat og drikke (2007), Mer (2008) and Familiekokeboka (2009). Gaustad is also a syndicated newspaper columnist, often with Alfsen.

In 2010, Gausdal joined Eyvind Hellstrøm and Jan Vardøen as judges on the Norwegian TV3 version of the cooking challenge TV program MasterChef.[7]


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