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Tom Wahl's Inc.
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1955
Headquarters Webster, New York
Key people
Bruce Hegedorn, John Gonzalez, Keith Herman

Tom Wahl's is a chain of fast-food restaurants based in the Rochester, New York area that currently has several restaurants around the Finger Lakes region. USA Today named it one of "51 great burger joints across the USA" in 2010.[1]

Tom Wahl, Sr. opened the first restaurant in Avon, New York in March 1955[2] The restaurant specializes in "ground steak sandwiches" and its famous root beer and sells Abbott's Frozen Custard.

Original restaurant in Avon, New York


The restaurant chain was sold in 1986 to Bill Gray's, Inc.[3] During this time the chain opened a variant of its traditional diner-style restaurant called Wahl Street in the village of Pittsford. Featuring more of a serious feel in dining, this concept lasted a few years before closing down, returning the chain solely to the diner-style feel. In 2011, an equity group that includes Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, and chef Paul Wahlberg licensed the name "Wahlburger" from Tom Wahl's for use in their own restaurant.[4][5]

Tom Wahl's ground steak sandwich with hot sauce, onions, and tomatoes

There are currently a total of nine restaurants:

Tom Wahl's also sells its own brand of root beer and frozen custard at all of its restaurants.


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