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Thomas Crowley "Tom" Weston QC (born 1958) is a New Zealand lawyer and justice of the High Court and Court of Appeal of the Cook Islands. He is also known as a poet.


Weston was born in 1958 in Christchurch. He attended the University of Canterbury,[1] from where he graduated with LL.B. (Hons).[2]

Weston has a long history as a commercial litigator.[3] He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1999,[4] and later that year was appointed to the Rules Committee, the body responsible for setting court rules.[5] He was reappointed in 2002 for a further term of three years.[6]

In 2006, he was appointed a part-time judge of the Cook Islands High Court and Court of Appeal.[3] On 13 May 2010 he was appointed Chief Justice of the Cook Islands, replacing his legal partner David Williams.[7]

Weston has published several books of poems. Small Humours of Daylight deals mostly with travel by sea between islands, and was reviewed by Graham Brazier for The New Zealand Herald.[8]



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