Toma Caragiu

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Toma Caragiu
Born (1925-08-21)21 August 1925
Aetomilitsa, Ioannina Prefecture, Greece
Died 4 March 1977(1977-03-04) (aged 51)
Bucharest, Romania
Occupation actor
Nationality Romanian

Toma Caragiu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈtoma karaˈd͡ʒi.u]; 21 August 1925 – 4 March 1977) was a prolific Romanian theatre, television and film actor.

He was born in Ploiesti, Romania in an Aromanian family, from the Greek village of Aetomilitsa, in the region of Epirus on 21 August 1925. Toma Caragiu was one of the best Romanian actors, with a rich activity in both film and theatre. He liked to play comic characters, but he excelled also in drama, one of his reference films being “Actorul si Salbaticii”. He played alongside great actors such as Ştefan Bănică, Octavian Cotescu, Anda Calugareanu etc.

Toma Caragiu is most famous for his monologues. In these short stories, he managed to put together stories that combined sarcasm, satire, black humor. His monologues are subtle and deal with a variety of topics, starting with politics and ending up with mythical concepts. In each and every monologue he used to put a personal touch, thus creating a warm and humorous atmosphere.

He died in Bucharest, during the earthquake of 4 March 1977. He is buried in the Bellu cemetery. His first wife was Maria Bondar and the second was Elena Bichman.


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