Tomas Andersson Wij

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Tomas Andersson Wij
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Background information
Birth nameTomas Per Andersson
Also known asTAW
Born (1972-02-06) February 6, 1972 (age 47)
Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, journalist
Years active1998 – present

Tomas Andersson Wij (often abbreviated by fans as TAW) (born Tomas Per Andersson on February 6, 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden and (raised in the south suburbs Fruängen and Sköndal), is a Swedish singer and songwriter, but also working as a journalist.

Journalist and editor[edit]

Between years 1990 and 1997, Tomas Andersson Wij was a writer in Svenska Dagbladet, as well as Swedish music magazine Pop and Swedish entertainment publication Nöjesguiden. In the mid 1990s, he was editor of the television show Knesset on ZTV. He also worked in summer of 2000 as a DJ on Sveriges Radio.

He has edited two anthologies, Solidaritet (Cordia 1998) and Boken om Recovery (Libris, 2002). He is cofounder and coeditor alongside Sven-Gösta Holst) for the existentialist journal Von Oben, which published two issues in 2002 and 2003.


Producer Lars Halapi discovered Tomas Andersson Wij through a simple demo tape in 1995 and went on to produce Tomas Andersson Wij's first two albums. Since the breakthrough with the album Ett slag för dig, he toured regularly, usually as a solo act with his guitar and slowly built a growing and devoted audience through his engaging stage presence and connection to audiences and for creating an intimate atmosphere. He was nominated for the Swedish Grammies for four times. TAW was also known as a great literature and poetry writer.

TAW attracted much more attention with in 2000 with his Swedish lyrics of Billy Joel songs, in the Helen Sjöholm album Euforia - Helen Sjöholm sjunger Billy Joel. In 2007 he took part in Melodifestivalen reaching the finals in Globen with Carola's winning song Evighet known also as "Invincible".

The same year he received the Café Magazine's category for "best dressed artist".

He has also written songs or translated lyrics for other artists and translations into other Swedish artists such as Freddie Wadling, Totta Näslund and Bo Kaspers Orkester.

In 2013, he was awarded the Evert Taube Scholarship.[1]



  • 1998: Ebeneser
  • 2000: Ett slag för dig
  • 2002: Vi är värda så mycket mer
  • 2004: Stjärnorna i oss
  • 2005: Live på Rival
  • 2005: Tomas Andersson Wij
  • 2007: En introduktion till Tomas Andersson Wij
  • 2008: En sommar på speed
  • 2010: Spår
  • 2012: Romantiken
  • 2014: Mörkrets hastighet
  • 2018: Avsändare okänd
  • 2019: Splitter, Vol. 1

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • 1997: "Varelser i vattnet"
  • 1998: "Tusen sätt att försvinna"
  • 1998: "Väljer dig"
  • 2000: Landet vi föddes i EP
  • 2000: "Du skulle tagit det helt fel"
  • 2000: "Gör nånting vackert"
  • 2000: "Hej då"
  • 2001: "Ett slag för dig"
  • 2002: "Jag börjar minnas mig"
  • 2002: "Slå"
  • 2002: "Vissa dagar"
  • 2003: "Blues från Sverige"
  • 2004: "Tommy och hans mamma"
  • 2004: "Sången om dig och mig"
  • 2005: "Oroshjärta"
  • 2006: En hel värld inom mig (EP)
  • 2007: "Hälsingland"
  • 2007: "Evighet"
  • 2008: "Jag har simmat långt ut från land"
  • 2008: "Sena tåg"
  • 2008: "När ditt tåg kommer"
  • 2009: "Det ligger i luften"
  • 2010: "Allt är bättre än ingenting"
  • 2011: "Jag är på väg till dig"


Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Varelser i vattenet" 1997 Non-album singles
"Tusen sett att försvinna" 1998


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