Tomas Barrón Province

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Tomás Barrón
Location in Bolivia
Bolivia Oruro Tomás Barrón.png
Main Data
Capital Eucaliptus
Area 341 km²
Population 5,424 (2001)
Density 15.9 inhabitants/km² (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.OR.TB

Tomás Barrón is a province in the northern parts of the Bolivian department of Oruro.


Tomás Barrón province is one of the sixteen provinces in the Oruro Department. It is located between 17° 31' and 17° 44' South and between 67° 20' and 67° 34' West.

The province borders La Paz Department in the North and West, and Cercado Province in the South and East.

The province extends over 30 km from North to South, and 25 km from East to West.


Main language of the province is Spanish, spoken by 87%, while 82% of the population speak Aymara and 8% Quechua (1992).


The province comprises only one municipality, Eucaliptus Municipality, which is identical to the Tomás Barrón Province.

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Coordinates: 17°37′S 67°27′W / 17.617°S 67.450°W / -17.617; -67.450