Tomas Dueñas Uribe

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Tomas Dueñas Uribe
Born Tomas Dueñas Uribe
Nationality American - Colombian
  • Marketing

Tomas Dueñas Uribe is a Colombian Internet entrepreneur. He taught Marketing courses through one of the largest online education platforms in the world, Platzi.[1] Tomas regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel.[2] Tomas Dueñas Uribe was recently ranked fifth amongst the Top 10 entrepreneurs in Colombia.[3] He was also ranked as the number one Social Media Manager in Colombia.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Tomas was born in Miami Beach, Florida and lived there before his family moved to Bogotá, Colombia, where he spent most of his childhood. Tomas attended high school at the Anglo Colombian School. He then attended the University of Los Andes and majored in political science. He used to be a professional race car driver within the Formula BMW and Formula Renault categories during 12 years of his life, having started racing when he was 12 years old.[5]


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