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Tomas Leandersson of Degerfors, Sweden, is a Swedish ten-pin bowler.



He has been a member of Team Sweden for over ten years, and was a member of the team that won the gold-medal in the 1990 Nordic Championships, as well as 1999 FIQ/World Tenpin Bowling Association World Championships, and 1994 World Tenpin Team Cup, among other events.[citation needed]


His individual achievements include the men's singles rifle in the 1993 World Games and the 1999 European Championships, and bronze medals in the 1991 FIQ/WTBA World Championships Masters and 1999 All-Events. He finished second in his only previous AMF Bowling World Cup campaign (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1993). Leandersson, a three-time national champion, was also the 1993 World Bowling Writers World Bowler of the Year. He was the 2000 AMF World Cup men's champion, has been elected to the World Bowling Writers (WBW) International Bowling Hall of Fame, after defeating Norway's Tore Torgersen in Lisbon, Portugal in the Bowling World Cup. He has competed at the 2006 World Tenpin Masters.


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