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Tomasz Kołodziejczak

Tomasz Kołodziejczak (born 13 October 1967 in Warsaw) is a Polish science fiction and fantasy writer, screenwriter, publisher and editor of books, comics and role-playing games.

He made his debut in 1985 with the short story Kukiełki (Rag Dolls) in Przegląd Techniczny. He has published several novels: Wybierz swoją śmierć (Choose Your Own Death), Krew i Kamień (Blood and the Stone), Kolory sztandarów (Colors of the Flags), and Schwytany w światła (Caught in the Lights), as well as the short-story collections Wrócę do ciebie, kacie (I’ll Come Back to You, Hangman), Przygody rycerza Darlana (The Adventures of Darlan the Knight); and a game, Rzeźbiarze Pierścieni (Sculptors of the Rings). He has been nominated seven times for the Janusz A. Zajdel Award and received it in 1996 for the novel Kolory sztandarów. Recently, readers have nominated his short story Czerwona Mgła (The Red Fog) for the Zajdel Award in 2012. Currently, he is working on a novel based on the world introduced in this story. In 2008 he published a graphic novel for children, Darlan i Horwazy – Złoty Kur (Darlan and Horwazy: The Golden Hen), with art by Krzysztof Kopeć. He is a three-time winner of the Śląkfa Award (for both publishing and fan activity) and winner of the Papcio Chmiel Award for his services to Polish comics. His novels and short stories have been translated into Czech, English, Lithuanian and Russian. He is the author of reviews and literary features, editor of two magazines, Voyager and Magia i Miecz, compiler of anthologies, and presenter of programs about popular culture on television and radio. He is a member of the literary group Klub Tfurcuf. Currently, he is a publisher of comics and board games at the publishing house Egmont Poland.


  • 1990 Wybierz swoją śmierć - science fiction novel
  • 1994 Krew i kamień - fantasy novel
  • 1995 Wrócę do ciebie kacie - science fiction short stories collection
  • 1996 Kolory Sztandarów - science fiction novel
  • 1996 Rzeźbiarze Pierścieni - gamebook
  • 1997 Przygody rycerza Darlana- fantasy children novel
  • 1999 Schwytany w światła - science fiction novel
  • 2009 Złoty kur - fantasy children comic
  • 2010 Czarny Horyzont - fantasy novel
  • 2011 Głowobójcy - science fiction short stories collection
  • 2012 Czerwona Mgła - fantasy short stories collection
  • 2014 Biała Reduta, vol. 1 - fantasy novel
  • 2018 Białe źrenice - poetry

Translations into English[edit]

  • 2010 "Key of Passage," in A Polish Book of Monsters, edited and translated by Michael Kandel. New York: PIASA Books.



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