Tomasz Kucharzewski

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Tomasz Kucharzewski
Born (1968-08-13)August 13, 1968
Częstochowa, Poland
Died March 8, 2008(2008-03-08) (aged 39)
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Polish
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight 225 lb (102 kg; 16.1 st)
Division Heavyweight
Style Kyokushin Karate, Shidokan Karate
Fighting out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Mixed martial arts record
Total 6
Wins 2
By knockout 2
Losses 4
Draws 0

Tomasz Kucharzewski (August 13, 1968 – March 8, 2008) was a Polish-Canadian martial artist. Kucharzewski initially gained fame while competitively fighting in Kyokushin kaikan and Shidōkan[disambiguation needed] styles of karate. Even though he proved to be greatly successful in karate, winning numerous national and international titles, later in his career he became more involved with mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

Biography and career[edit]

Born in the city of Częstochowa, Poland, Kucharzewski started training in karate at the age of 14. He had won three Polish national titles in Kyokushin kaikan style of karate and one European international title by the time he was 20 years old. He moved to Canada at age 23 in 1991 and settled in Windsor, Ontario from where he fought in an estimated 300 fights including five K-1 competitions.[1] Kucharzewski was known by his contemporaries for his calm and friendly demeanor which led Albert Mady, his coach of 16 years, to describe him as "happy-go-lucky".[1][2] During his run of five consecutive years from 1992 to 1996 of being crowned the International Shidōkan Champion, Tomasz Kucharzewski proved to be a dominating feature in the ring, enough so that the 35-year veteran karate teacher Roger Salick called him "indestructible" during Kucharzewski's run for his fourth straight title.[3]

During the latter part of his life, Kucharzewski suffered a knee injury and was not as active in training and fighting anymore. He was found dead in his downtown Windsor apartment by family members on March 8, 2008. Although an autopsy was performed on him, the cause of death was not immediately known.[1] According to Monika Kucharzewski, Tomasz' younger sister, doctors said that his death could have been caused by cardiac arrhythmia.[2]

Titles won[edit]

Year Title
1988–1990 Polish National Champion - Kyokushin kaikan
1988 OYAMA Cup European Champion
1991 Canadian National Champion
1992–1994 Sabaki Champion
1992–1996 International Shidōkan Champion
1993 Ontario heavy weight amateur boxing champion
1994 Shidōkan World Champion
1999 World Kickboxing champion
2000 K-1 USA Championships 2000 runner up


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