Tomasz Zan

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Tomasz Zan, in a drawing by R. Żukowski (1825–1855)

Tomasz Zan (21 December 1796 Miasata, Molodechno, Russian Empire (now Belarus)– 19 July 1855 Kakoŭčyna, Orsha, Russian Empire), was a Polish poet and activist.

In 1817 he was a cofounder of the Philomatic Association (Towarzystwo Filomatów), in 1820, Radiant Association (Towarzystwo Promienistych), in 1820-1823 president of Filaret Association (Zgromadzenie Filaretów), all of them student organizations in Vilna dedicated to Polish cultural and political activities. For his activity in those organizations he was exiled by the Russian authorities to Siberia (from 1824 to 1837).

His poetry is mostly satirical, most known is the heroicomic 'Zgon tabakiery'.