Tomato and egg soup

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Tomato and egg soup
Place of originChina
Main ingredientsTomatoes, eggs, green onions, water
Tomato and egg soup
Simplified Chinese番茄蛋汤
Traditional Chinese番茄蛋湯
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese番茄蛋花汤
Traditional Chinese番茄蛋花湯

Tomato and egg soup (Chinese: 番茄蛋汤; pinyin: Fānqié dàn tāng or Chinese: 番茄蛋花汤; pinyin: Fānqié dàn huā tāng) is a dish from China consisting mainly of tomato and egg.[1][2] It is a relatively easy soup to make, and as such is one of the most popular soups in households.[3]

Normally, the soup is made from coarsely chopped tomatoes, and green onions chopped to pieces of about of 0.5 cm. Half a litre of water is used in this soup, and a small amount of oil. Eggs are added toward the end of this dish, and stirred in for only about 3 minutes. It is normally covered for 2 minutes, and then served when the egg has set.

This soup is also sometimes made with the tomato skin removed, and is sometimes cooked for a longer time.

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