Tomb Blaster

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Tomb Blaster
Chessington World of Adventures Tomb Blaster.jpg
Chessington World of Adventures
Area Forbidden Kingdom
Status Operating
Opening date 2002
Replaced 5th Dimension
Terror Tomb
General statistics
Attraction type Dark ride
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Theme Ancient Egypt
Capacity 1,200 riders per hour
Vehicles 5
Rows 24
Riders per row 3
Duration 7 minutes
Fastrack available

Tomb Blaster is a dark ride that opened in 2002 at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in London. Riders travel in trains through a series of crypts, shooting laser guns at targets for high scores. As of April 2015, the ride continues to operate.[1]


Forbidden Kingdom theming and the queue line for Tomb Blaster

Tomb Blaster is a dark ride in the Forbidden Kingdom area of Chessington World of Adventures Resort. It originally opened as The 5th Dimension, a dark ride based on a story of a TV repair robot[2] that operated from 1987 to 1993.[citation needed] It was manufactured by Mack Rides.[2]

The area was rethemed as the Forbidden Kingdom in 1994, and the ride became Terror Tomb, a horror ride in the dark.[3] Terror Tomb (aka "Forbidden Tomb") told the story of a tomb robber named Abdab and the dangers he encountered trying to steal a gem from the tomb. It opened in 1994 and closed in 2001.[citation needed]

In 2002 Tomb Blaster launched in the same location as the old terror tomb ride.[3] In the dark ride riders shoot laser guns at targets.[1]


Anyone under 1.1 meters must be accompanied by an adult.[1]

Riders sit in "utility vehicles" and travel through a tomb, shooting mummies and monsters with laser guns, and competing for top scores.[2] Among the scenes are a crypt, a revolving tunnel, and snake pits.[2] Many of the original set pieces from Terror Tomb remain in the Tomb Blaster ride with the exclusion of the Abdab animatronics.


Image of the exterior 

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