Tomb of Nizam al-Mulk

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Tomb of Nizam al-Mulk
Basic information
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Geographic coordinates32°39′33″N 51°41′27″E / 32.65917°N 51.69083°E / 32.65917; 51.69083Coordinates: 32°39′33″N 51°41′27″E / 32.65917°N 51.69083°E / 32.65917; 51.69083
MunicipalityIsfahan County
ProvinceIsfahān Province

The Tomb of Nizam al-Mulk (Persian: آرامگاه نظام‌الملک‎, Aramgah-e Nezamolmolk) is located in Ahmadabad quarter of Isfahan. Nizam al-Mulk was the powerful vizier of some Seljuq sultans. Beside his gravestone there are two other gravestones which belong to Malik-Shah I and his wife Tarkan Khatun, who may have had a hand in Nizam's murder. Beside lots of changes in the garden and structure of tomb, the three valuable gravestones have been changed also. The current simple gravestones date back to Safavid era. No names are mentioned on them (perhaps by intention) and there are some sentences from Quran on them. The gravestone, which is known as Nizam al-Mulk's gravestone is a marble gravestone and has a dimension of 2 m x 35 cm x 38 cm (length x width x height).[1]


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