Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Portugal)

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Chapter house of Mosteiro da Batalha (2).jpg
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Monastery of Batalha
For the unknown war dead, wherever they fell
Unveiled6 April 1921
Location39°39′33.0″N 8°49′31.6″W / 39.659167°N 8.825444°W / 39.659167; -8.825444Coordinates: 39°39′33.0″N 8°49′31.6″W / 39.659167°N 8.825444°W / 39.659167; -8.825444
Total burials2

The Portuguese Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (pt: Túmulo do Soldado Desconhecido) is located in the Sala do Capitulo at the Monastery of Batalha, near Leiria.[1]

It holds the bodies of two soldiers of World War I — one from the battlefields of Flanders, and one from the African theatre — who were buried there on 6 April 1921.[2]


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