Tomio Kubota

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Tomio Kubota
Born(1930-12-06)6 December 1930
Died30 June 2020(2020-06-30) (aged 89)
Nationality Japan
Alma materNagoya University (Ph.D. 1958)[1]
Known forp-adic L-functions
Scientific career
InstitutionsNagoya University (1952-93)[2]
University of Chicago (1963)
Institute for Advanced Study (1963-64)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Tomio Kubota (久保田 富雄, Kubota Tomio) (6 December 1930 – 30 June 2020) was a Japanese mathematician working in number theory. His contributions include works on p-adic L functions and real-analytic automorphic forms.[3]

His work on p-adic L-functions, later recognised as an aspect of Iwasawa theory, was done jointly with Leopoldt.[4][5]

He extended the concept of metaplectic group, in a way significant for arithmetic applications.[6] This opened a field for later research on associated Dirichlet series and automorphic forms, and was a major step in the solution of Kummer's conjecture.[7]


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  • Kubota, Tomio (1973). Elementary theory of Eisenstein series. Kodansha, Tokyo / Wiley, New York. ISBN 978-0470509203.
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