Tomken Road Middle School

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Tomken Road Middle School
3200 Tomken Road
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Y6
Coordinates 43°36′15″N 79°35′57″W / 43.604301°N 79.599102°W / 43.604301; -79.599102Coordinates: 43°36′15″N 79°35′57″W / 43.604301°N 79.599102°W / 43.604301; -79.599102
Founded 1968
School board Peel District School Board
Grades 6, 7, 8
Enrollment 1,500
Language English French
Colour(s) Black, Red, & White             
Team name Tomken Tigers

Tomken Road Middle School is located at 3200 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario. The school was constructed and open for use in 1967. The school has three academic programs: a regular program, a French Immersion program, and a SciTech program. The school also offers many diverse extra-curricular activities. Students are able to attain Tomken T points by participating for a required amount of hours. Once a certain number of points are accumulated, a Tomken T award is awarded at graduation. Tomken Road's Mission Statement is "To Develop Independence, Responsible Learning & Mutual Respect". The first principal of the school in 1968 was Mr. Ali Aamir Abbasi. Followed by Mr. Ali Aamir Abbasi in 1974 was Dr. Elvir Bakrac. He improved the overall design of the school through the 1970s. Currently, the principal is Julie Darroch. Tomken also has a guidance counsellor, Mrs. Galambos.

Activities and The Tomken T[edit]

A Tomken T is an award that a student can receive at the end of eighth grade. To earn the award students must earn points called Tomken T points. They can earn these points by participating in extracurriculars. The points can be earned in three different categories, Athletics, Arts and Community, and Academics.You need 100 Tomken T points to get the Tomken T if you attended all 3 years. Tomken Road Middle School was also chosen to carry the olympic torch during the olympic torch relay for the 2010 Vancouver olympics.

Arts and community[edit]

The Arts & Communities Activities or clubs are divided into several categories:

  • Music:
    • Choir (5 points)
    • Musical (5)
    • Take Two (5)
    • Drumazing (5)
    • Music Council (2)
  • Classroom:
    • Lunch Bins (2-5)
    • Attendance (2-5)
    • Clipboard (2-5)
    • Lunch Orders (2-5)
  • Library:
    • Tomken Reads (5)
    • Scrabble Club Tournament (2)
    • Library Assistants (5)
    • Library Council (5)
    • CyberART (2)
    • Origami Club (2)
    • Silver Birch (2)
    • Red Maple (2)
    • Le Prix Tamarack (2)
    • Manga Club (5)
  • School-wide
    • Student Senate Representative (5)
    • Student Senate Executive (8)
    • Tomken Ambassadors (1-5)
    • Tomken P.Y.L.O.T.S (2-4)
    • Tomken's Circle of Friends


At Tomken, students are encouraged to do well in academics. There are also awards and tabs given out to these excelling students.

  • 80-100 Honours Average: 5 points
  • 70-79 Average: 4 points
  • 60-69 Average: 3 points
  • Counting on You: 2 points

There are separate awards for outstanding achievement. Honour Roll is for students who achieve an academic average of 80% or higher, and a Tomken Medallion is for Gr.8 with the highest mark in the whole school year in a subject

SciTech Program[edit]

The SciTech Inquiry Program is designed for students of all abilities, using a "hands-on, minds-on" approach. The program is based on the Ontario curriculum while also providing:

  • A focus spent in the subject areas of mathematics, science and technology.
  • Inquiry-based learning that demonstrates how science, technology and mathematics relate to us in everyday life.
  • A focus on literacy and numeracy through science and technology investigations. For example, many numeracy expectations can be addressed as students gather and organize information from experiments; literacy skills are developed when students research issues and communicate the findings of their investigations.
  • An inquiry-based approach, with the students applying their creativity and discovering solutions to real problems and issues, in all parts of the curriculum.

T Students who participate in the SciTech program develop more advanced inquiry skills, which could be applied to problems & conflicts, which also gaining a greater understanding of concepts across several disciplines. They also develop confidence which arrives from problem solving, which also being better prepared to take advantages of opportunities that science and technology have to offer in secondary school and post-secondary.

The SciTech program is available to any Peel student. Students who are currently in grade 5 may apply for the program, including students who are receiving ESL or special education assistance. The total student enrollment for SciTech is around 450 - 600 students, which means that competition is high since there are only 56 available spots. There is bussing (provided by Switzer-Carty Transportation and public transit) currently available for this program.

Students also participate in activities and competitions such as FLL (Robotics), Destination Imagination (for GR. 8), and Peel Technological Skills Challenges (Animation, Video Editing, Robotics, Technology, Construction)

In the past, there have been a few FLL teams who have reached the international level. The most recent was ADDI2DE, in 2014-2015, and 2 GOOD 2 WASTE, in 2015-2016. ADDI2DE won the core values award in California, which goes to the team with the most teamwork skills. 2 GOOD 2 WASTE is still deciding whether the international in Spain is a good choice or not.

DI (Destination Imagination) is a program in which Sci Tech grade 8 students take a lot of pride and invest hard work and time in, and they always excel.

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