Tommy Lee Edwards

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Tommy Lee Edwards
Tommy Lee Edwards at the
2008 New York Comic Con

Tommy Lee Edwards is an American illustrator. Edwards' varied portfolio includes works created in the realm of comics, video games, books, advertising, film, and animation.


As well as comic-related work he has also worked on film projects, providing the style guides for films like Batman Begins, Superman Returns and Men in Black II as well as providing movie posters, illustrations for role-playing games and other promotional or licensing work.

Edwards other projects include Marvel 1985,[1] with writer Mark Millar,[2] which Millar has said "is about the real world, the world we live in right now, dealing with the villains of the Marvel Universe finding us."[3] He has also provided the art for Turf with Jonathan Ross.[4] Edwards co-wrote a comic book series and made a short film for the multi-platform project Vandroid, published by Dark Horse Comics in 2014.[5]





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