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Pullman Gerald "Tommy" Pederson (August 15, 1920, Minnesota – January 16, 1998) was an American trombonist and composer – prolific in jazz, big band, and classical genres. He had performed and recorded with big bands and artists that included Gene Krupa, Tommy Dorsey, Nelson Riddle, Doc Severinsen (late 1960s), and Frank Sinatra. He was also a prolific studio musician for movie soundtracks, television and radio shows, and other recordings – sometimes playing as many as six studio sessions a day.[1]

Selected compositions[edit]

  • Blue Topaz, for solo bass trombone (with five tenor trombones and one bass trombone).
  • Cogent Caprice, for solo tenor trombone and six trombones (four tenor and two bass trombones)
  • Hubub In Honduras, for bass trombone and three tenor trombones
  • The Orators, concerto for solo bass trombone and solo tenor trombone with three tenor trombones and one bass trombone accompaniment
  • Ten Christmas Carols, for trombone quintet
  • The Crimson Collop, for two bass trombones
  • Teens 'n' Trombones, duets for tenor/bass and bass/bass trombones
  • Ten Duets for bass trombone
  • Ten Duets for tenor and bass trombone
  • Ten Pieces for tenor and bass trombone
  • Ten Pieces for two bass trombones
  • Etudes for bass trombone
  • Unaccompanied Solos, for tenor trombone
  • Unaccompanied Solos, for bass trombone
  • Book I – trombone duets (c 1990)
  • Book II – trios (c 1990)
  • Book III – quartets for trombones (c 1990)
  • Book IV – Quintets – scores (c 1990)
  • Book V – scores – sextets (c 1990)
  • Book VI – trombone septets: 5 tenor & 2 bass (c 1990)
  • Book VII – Concertos for trombone: with trombone accompaniment and trumpets (c 1990)
  • Hollywood trombones (c 1990)
  • Trombone music: Tommy Pederson book II (revised): trios 1990


With Georgie Auld

With Louis Bellson

With Tutti Camarata

Selected video samples[edit]

Pederson performing