Tommy Tucker's Tooth

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Tommy Tucker's Tooth
Directed by Walt Disney
Produced by Walt Disney
Story by Walt Disney
Animation by Walt Disney
Layouts by Walt Disney
Backgrounds by Walt Disney
Studio Laugh-O-Grams
Release date(s) December 6, 1922
Color process Black and white
Language Silent film
Tommy Tucker's Tooth

Tommy Tucker's Tooth is an animated short film by Walt Disney at his short-lived Laugh-O-Grams studio in Kansas City from 1922. The format was black and white, and without sound.

The film was one of two commissioned by Kansas City Dentist Thomas B. McCrumb. It earned the Laugh-O-Gram studio $500. It extols the virtue of regular tooth brushing through the story of two boys: Tommy Tucker and Jimmie Jones. Tommy cares for his teeth, while Jimmie does not. The film ends with advice on proper tooth-brushing technique.

In 1926 Disney made the follow up short Clara Cleans Her Teeth, starring Walt’s niece Marjorie Sewell Davis, after being contacted by McCromb again, who asked for a sequel.

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