Tommy february6 (album)

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Tommy february6
Tommy Feb Cover norm.jpg
Studio album by Tommy february6
Released February 6, 2002
Recorded 2001
Length 44:24
Label DefSTAR Records
Producer Tommy february6, Malibu Convertible[1]
Tommy february6 chronology
Tommy february6
Tommy Airline
(2004)Tommy Airline2004

Tommy february6 is the eponymous debut album of the brilliant green vocalist Tomoko Kawase's alter ego Tommy February6 (so named after Kawase's birthday). The album, in addition to launching Kawase's solo career, also established Tommy February6's trademark sound, which is heavily influenced by 80's synthpop music.

Most of the lyrics on the album's original material (all written by Kawase) are either dominated by English lyrics with occasional Japanese lines, or are wholly in English – despite the fact that Kawase reportedly cannot speak much of the language – with only one song ("Tommy Feb Latte, Macaron.") sung entirely in Japanese.

The original first pressing of the album came with a promotional DVD that included music videos, karaoke videos and furitsuke (choreography) videos for "Kiss One More Time" and "Bloomin'!". Also included was the making of the PV's for "Kiss One More Time", "Bloomin'!" and "Candy Pop in Love"

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Tommy February6; all music composed by Malibu Convertible,[1] except #10 by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, all songs arranged by Malibu Convertible[1].

No. Title Length
1. "T.O.M.M.Y"  
2. "Everyday at the Bus Stop"  
3. "Tommy Feb Latte, Macaron."  
4. "Bloomin'!"  
5. "Hey Bad Boy"  
6. "Kiss One More Time"  
7. "Where Are You? "My Hero""  
8. "Walk Away From You My Babe"  
9. "Love Never Sleeps"  
10. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (Frankie Valli cover)  
11. "I'll Be Your Angel"  
12. "Candy Pop in Love"  


  • Tommy february6 – lead and backing vocals
  • Malibu Convertible – keyboards, guitar, drum programming, arrangements[1]
  • Team Real Men – backing vocals (tracks: 3, 10)


  • Tommy February6executive producer
  • Malibu Convertible – producer, arranger, recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Auspicious Feather – recording engineer, mixing engineer (tracks: 2, 8)
  • Dark Undercover – assistant engineer (tracks: 2, 8)


  1. ^ a b c d Malibu Convertible is Shunsaku Okuda and Ryo Matsui who are the members of the brilliant green. They also joined her tour as a guitarist. Okuda composed most songs and Matsui composed several songs.