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Tomo may refer to:



  • Angele Tomo (born 1989), Cameroonian freestyle wrestler
  • Sutomo (1920-1981), also known as Bung Tomo, Indonesian military leader during the Indonesian National Revolution
  • Taite Te Tomo (1883–1939), Maori politician in New Zealand

Given name[edit]

Nickname or ring name[edit]

  • Tomislav Tomo Česen (born 1959), Slovenian mountaineer
  • Tomislav Maretić (1854-1938), Croatian linguist and lexicographer
  • Tomo Michinoku, ring name of Tomoka Nakagawa (born 1981), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Tom Osander, referred to as "Tomo", drummer in the bands of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan
  • Tomislav Tomo Šokota (born 1977), Croatian retired footballer

Fictional characters[edit]

Other uses[edit]