Tomoko Fuse

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Tomoko Fuse
Tomoko Fuse.jpg
Tomoko Fuse. In 2004, in Bristol.
Born 布施知子(ふせ ともこ)
Nigata prefecture
Nationality Japanese

Tomoko Fuse (布施 知子, Fuse Tomoko, born in Niigata, 1951) is a Japanese origami artist and author of numerous books on the subject of modular origami, and is by many considered as a renowned master in such discipline.[1]

Fuse first learned origami while in the hospital as a child. When she was 19 years old, she studied for two and a half years with origami master Toyoaki Kawai. She started publishing origami books in 1981, and has since published more than 60 books (plus overseas editions) as of 2006. She has created numerous origami designs, including boxes, kusudama, paper toys, masks, modular polyhedra, as well as other geometric forms and objects, such as origami tessellations, with publications in Japanese, Korean and English. She now resides with her husband Taro Toriumi,[2] a respected woodblock printmaker and etcher, in rural Nagano prefecture, Japan.

Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations, the English language edition of her seminal modular origami inventions, may be considered the classic text on modular origami available in the English language.


In English:

In Japanese:

In Italian:

  • Origami Modulare (Italian version of Japanese Yunnito Origami), Il Castello Publishers, (1988)


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