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Tomomi Miyashita (宮下 ともみ, Miyashita Tomomi) (born (1982-04-30) April 30, 1982 (age 35)) is a Japanese actress. As of June 2006, she is 164 cm (65 in) tall, measurements 79-58-82 cm (31-23-32 in), size 24.

Miyashita is most famous for her portrayal of "F" in the J-Horror movie Marebito by Takashi Shimizu. She plays a human-like creature that the protagonist, Masuoka, discovers in the subterranean world. "F" is found naked and chained to a tunnel wall. She is animalistic in demeanor, like a feral child, and has vampiric tendencies, subsisting solely on blood. Masuoka takes her home and tries to civilize her, referring to her as a modern-day analog of Kaspar Hauser.

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