Tomorrow Square

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Tomorrow Square
Tomorrow Square.jpg
Tomorrow Square
General information
Status Complete
Type Office, hotel, restaurant, apartments
Location Huangpu District,
Shanghai, China
Coordinates 31°13′55″N 121°27′54″E / 31.232°N 121.465°E / 31.232; 121.465Coordinates: 31°13′55″N 121°27′54″E / 31.232°N 121.465°E / 31.232; 121.465
Construction started 1997
Estimated completion 1 October 2003
Antenna spire 286 m (938 ft)
Roof 238 m (781 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 55
Floor area 130,063 m2 (1,399,990 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 15
Design and construction
Architect John Portman & Associates
JW Marriott Shanghai

Tomorrow Square (simplified Chinese: 明天广场; traditional Chinese: 明天廣場; pinyin: Míngtiān Guǎngchǎng) is the eighth tallest building in Shanghai, China. It is located in the Puxi district, close to People's Square. It is about 285 m (934 ft) tall and has 55 floors.

This multi-purpose building contains a 342-room JW Marriott hotel, and 255 executive apartment units. It was completed on 1 October 2003. Starting from a square base, the all-concrete Tomorrow Square tower transforms itself into a diagonal square as it rises to a peak. Engineers of the exterior vertical support system were faced with a unique challenge as a result of this unusual shape. They chose flat slabs for the hotel floors and beam and slab construction for the office floors. A combination of sheer walls and frame action stabilizes the slender tower laterally against wind and earthquake forces. The foundations are 80-metre-long bored piles supporting a column mat.

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