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Ito (left) with his silver medal at the 2012 Paralympics Men's 200m T52 victory ceremony.

Tomoya Ito (伊藤 智也 Itō Tomoya?) (born 16 August 1963) is a professional Japanese wheelchair Paralympic athlete from Suzuka, Mie, Japan, and a former entrepreneur.[1]


  • 1998 During a business trip, he fell down and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. During his first treatment, he placed the order for a racing wheelchair by mistake. This mistake triggered him to start competing.
  • 2002 He founded a non-profit organization, "Gold Athlete" to support athletes of disabled sports.
  • 2004 Attended the 2004 Summer Paralympics, in Athens
  • 2005 Became a professional athlete. He was enlisted to the Hall of Fame at The Museum of Marathon in Greece. He was the first Paralympic athlete to be enlisted.
  • 2008 won two gold medals at 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing. He also marked the world record at Men's T52 800m round 1.[2]

Biography References

  • Mie TV "Tottemo Waku-doki" on 6, October, 2008
  • Cable Net Suzuka "Ito Tomoya Beijing Paralympic Special Program" in Oct 2008


  • 400m T52 57.25 Japan National Record
  • 800m T52 1:52.31 World Record
  • Marathon T52 1:52:36

As on December 2008[2][3]


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