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For the Tibetan village see Tomra, Tibet.
Tomra Systems ASA
Traded as OSE: TOM
Industry Recycling
Founded 1972[1]
Headquarters Asker, Norway
Key people
Stefan Ranstrand (President and CEO), Svein Rennemo (Chairman)
Products Reverse vending machines, , compactors, and sensor-based sorting equipment
Revenue NOK 4.073 billion (2012)[2]
Total assets NOK 5.159 billion (end 2012)[2]
Total equity NOK 2.283 billion (end 2012)[2]
Number of employees
2,194 (end 2012)[2]

Tomra Systems ASA is a Norwegian multinational corporation which creates sensor-based machines and services for sorting and recycling. These include Reverse vending machine, compactors, and material recovery) and Sorting machinery.[3]

TOMRA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSEBX) under the ticker symbol TOM. The parent company, Tomra Systems ASA, is headquartered in Asker, Norway, with central departments located in Koblenz, Germany and Shelton, Connecticut.


A Tomra RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) in a German supermarket

TOMRA was founded by the two brothers Tore and Petter Planke in 1972. It started out with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers.[3] This portion of the company’s business contributes approximately 55 percent of TOMRA’s annual operating revenues.[4] With over 67,000 reverse vending systems installed worldwide, TOMRA is the leading provider in the industry.[3]

TOMRA's sensor-based sorting technology business was first established in 2004 with the acquisition of TITECH, a leading provider of optical recognition and sorting technology. With the acquisition of Orwak in 2005, TOMRA established itself as a producer of compaction and baling solutions with an installed base of more than 67,000 balers.[5]

TOMRA's material recovery business includes the pick-up, transportation, and processing of used beverage containers in North America, as well as the operation of a network of collection sites in the US. Approximately 400 TOMRA employees are involved with these activities, which in 2011 contributed to about 15 percent of the company’s total operating revenues.[4]

The sorting solution business area subsequently expanded with the acquisitions of CommoDas (2006), UltraSort (2008), Odenberg (2011) and BEST (2012). this area contributed approximately 25 percent of TOMRA’s operating revenues in 2011.[4]

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