Tomsk State University

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Tomsk State University
Томский государственный университет
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Former names

The Siberian Imperial University (1878 - 1917)

Tomsk state University named after Valerian Vladimirovich Kuibyshev (1934 - 1991)
Motto Mens Mundo Aperiens
Established 1878
Rector Dr. Eduard V. Galazhinsky
Students 23,000
Address 36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia
Coordinates: 56°28′10″N 84°56′51″E / 56.4694°N 84.9475°E / 56.4694; 84.9475

Tomsk State University, TSU (Russian: Томский государственный университет; full official name: Tomsk State University) is a public research university located in Siberia, Russia. On May 28, 1878, Emperor Alexander II signed a decree on the establishment of the first and only higher education institution in the vast expanses from the Russian Urals to the Pacific Ocean – the Siberian Imperial University in Tomsk, Russia.

TSU was opened in 1888. The first classes for the first 72 students began on September 1, 1888 at the single, Medical Faculty. Classes were given by eight professors, aided by seven assistants and laboratory technicians. Professor Nikolai Gezekhus was appointed the first rector of the University.

At present, there are 23 Faculties and Institutes with 151 Departments and about 23,000 students (among them are about 2,000 international students).

The University's pride is its Scientific Library (4 million copies, the rare book museum) and the Siberian Botanical Garden.

In TSU, 3 Nobel Prize laureates (Ivan Pavlov, Henry Dunant, Nikolay Semyonov) studied and worked. In 2018, asteroid 343322 Tomskuniver was named in honor of Tomsk State University.


Faculty of Founded in
Mechanics and Mathematics 1948
Physics 1948
Radiophysics 1953
Physics and Engineering 1963
Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics 1970
Biological Institute 1932
Geology and Geography 1933
Chemistry 1932
History 1917
Philology 1917
Philosophy 1987
Journalism 2004
Foreign Languages 1995
Psychology 1997
Physical Education 2005
Innovative Technologies 2009
Computer Studies 1986
Institute of Law 1897
Institute of Economics and Management 2016
Institute of Arts and Culture 1994
Military Education 1926
Pre-courses Department 2015

Strategic Academic Units[edit]

StrAUs are Strategic Academic Units that focused on the study of the transformation taking place with the man, society, and the natural and man-made environment.

TSU has 4 StrAUs, Institute of Biomedicine, Institute of the Human of the Digital Era, Institute of Smart Materials and Technology and Siberian Institute of the Future.

The Research Library[edit]

The Research Library and Tomsk State University were opened in the same year, 1888. The founder of the library was Vasily Florinskiy – physician and writer, organizer of Tomsk University. Both Tomsk State University and the Research Library was given a status of a Particularly Valuable Object of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation. In 2016 The Library contained 3.8 million depositary units, including over 124,000 manuscripts and rare books.

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