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Tomtabacksskylten vid parkeringen.jpg
The tower from beneath
View from the Tomtabacken tower

Tomtabacken is a hill in the province of Småland, Sweden.

It is situated in the southern part of the Nässjö Municipality, about 22 km southwest from Nässjö town. The summit area is quite flat, and it has a lookout tower which affords a view over the forested Småland landscape.

With a height of 377 meters (1,237 ft), Tomtabacken is the highest point in Småland province and in the southern land of Götaland.


Temperatures on Tomtabacken are lower all year round than those of the surrounding area.

In January the average 24h temperature on the summit falls to around -4 °C, which is similar to the temperature in Dalsland or Uppland, both of which are significantly further north. And in July the average 24h temperature only reaches around 14 °C, comparable with Jokkmokk in the Arctic circle. The annual average 24h temperature is below 5 °C, comparable to Hudiksvall. Although snowfalls usually occur from November to April, in the nearby village of Spinkabo measurable snowfall was observed on September 30th, 1995 (12 cm) and June 14th, 1982 (7 cm). Since only three months have an average temperature exceeding 10 °C, the climate qualifies as subarctic. [1] [2]


The summit of Tomtabacken is accessible by road from the nearby towns of Malmbäck or Vrigstad, or on foot along the Höglandsleden trail, which passes beside the lookout tower.


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Coordinates: 57°30′02″N 14°28′13″E / 57.50056°N 14.47028°E / 57.50056; 14.47028