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Tomten, also known as "Midvinternattens köld är hård", is a poem written by Viktor Rydberg, and originally published in Ny Illustrerad Tidning in 1881. While outwardly being an idyllic Christmas poem, the poem asks about the meaning of life.

A short film, Tomten, was recorded in 1941 by Gösta Roosling, where Hilda Borgström reads the entire poem.[1]

Lotta Engberg's 2009 Christmas album Jul hos mig closes with a final, hidden, bonus track with Sven Wollter reading the poem.[2]

The poem has also been recorded as an audio book, with Torgny Lindgren reading it.[3][4]

In English[edit]

Rydberg's poem has been translated into English by Charles Wharton Stork,[5] Anna Krook,[6] Elias Gordon[7] and Judith Moffett.[8] In 1961 Astrid Lindgren published a prose version of the story with illustrations by Harald Wiberg.[9][10]

Set to music[edit]


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