Tonawanda Creek (Ontario)

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Tonawanda Creek
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Central Ontario
Districts Muskoka, Parry Sound
Part of Great Lakes Basin
 - right Little Tonawanda Creek
Source Unnamed lake
 - location Kearney, Parry Sound District
 - elevation 422 m (1,385 ft)
 - coordinates 45°35′45″N 79°06′23″W / 45.59583°N 79.10639°W / 45.59583; -79.10639
Mouth Big East River
 - location Lake of Bays, District Municipality of Muskoka
 - elevation 337 m (1,106 ft)
 - coordinates 45°28′07″N 79°03′58″W / 45.46861°N 79.06611°W / 45.46861; -79.06611Coordinates: 45°28′07″N 79°03′58″W / 45.46861°N 79.06611°W / 45.46861; -79.06611
Location of the mouth of Tonawanda Creek in Ontario.

Tonawanda Creek is a creek in Central Ontario, Canada.[1] It is part of the Great Lakes Basin and is a right tributary of the Big East River.


The creek rises at an unnamed intermittent lake near the community of Ravensworth in the municipality of Kearney in Parry Sound District. It then flows southwest, then southeast, passes over the Banning Dam, takes in the right tributary Little Tonawanda Creek, and reaches its mouth at the Big East River in the township of Lake of Bays, Muskoka District Municipality. The Big East River flows via the North Branch Muskoka River, then the Moon River and Musquash River to Lake Huron.


  • Little Tonawanda Creek (right)

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