Tonbridge Half Marathon

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Tonbridge Half Marathon
Date September
Location Tonbridge, Kent
Event type Half marathon
Distance 13.1 miles (21.1 km)
Established 2011
Official site
Masses at the Start

The Tonbridge Half Marathon is an English annual road running event that was introduced on 25 September 2011. Organised by the Tonbridge Lions Club and Tonbridge Rotary Club, it attracted over 800 runners in its inaugural event.

Dame Kelly Holmes attended the first event in 2011 as guest starter.


The course circumnavigates the roads of Tonbridge and the Kent countryside. The route starts at K College on Brook Street and takes runners out of Tonbridge along Molescroft Way, Upper Hayesden Lane, and Ensfield Road to the village of Leigh. Runners pass through the village then head along the B2027 towards Hildenborough, turning left into Watts Cross Road and then left again at every junction back into Leigh. The final leg of the course takes runners back through Leigh village centre onto Ensfield Road, Hayesden Lane, then leading back to Brook Street to the finish.[1][2]

Past winners[edit]

Year Date Men's race Time (h:m:s) Women's race Time (h:m:s)
2011 25 September Thomas Fewster [3] 1:15:48 Tina Oldershaw [4] 1:21:55
2012 23 September Julian Rendall [5] 1:14:00 Tina Oldershaw [4] 1:22:49
2013 22 September Thomas Fewster [3] 1:13:14 Maria Heslop [6] 1:20:43
2014 28 September Julian Rendall [5] 1:14:08 Maria Heslop [6] 1:22:46
2015 4 October Daniel Bradley [7] 1:12:40 Lucy Reid [8] 1:20:57


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Coordinates: 51°11′15″N 0°15′46″E / 51.18750°N 0.26278°E / 51.18750; 0.26278