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Tondar (known as The Kingdom Assembly of Iran) is an organization of Iranian exiles based in Los Angeles.


In 2010, Iran accused the organization of planning terror attacks within its territory.[1] The group runs pro-Iranian opposition radio and television stations and has called for the overthrowing of the Iranian Islamic regime.

Tondar, a name which means 'thunder' in Persian, is not on the US terrorist organization list.[1] The group members have denied that the group is a terrorist organization and denied involvement with the attacks in Iran.[2][3]

Iran analysts said Iran may be pointing the finger at Tondar because it prefers to "blame the internal dissent and tumult on outside forces".[2]

On January, 2010, Iran summoned the Swiss ambassador to Iran, who is representing the interests of United States in Iran, demanding the extradition of individuals associated with the group, whom Iran believes are behind the assassination of Masoud Alimohammadi, a nuclear physics professor in Tehran who was killed in a bomb blast.[4]

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